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How it Works

1 – Goods Received

Digital traceability starts at the Loading Dock. The Q-Pack is used to check the temperature of incoming goods and labels printed and applied to trace them through in the facility.

2 – Storage

Digital checklists on the Q-Pack enable coolroom and freezer temperatures to be registered. Automated monitoring systems can be integrated with QA Chef to centralize HACCP data.

“Any temperature breach or corrective action is flagged automatically with QA.”

3 – Preparation

The Q-Pack displays production schedules for all types of food preparation including high-risk protein preparation and recipe assembly. All temperatures are taken with Q-Pack and all HACCP paperwork digitized.

“Labels are printed automatically at every CCP where traceability of food is required.”

4 – Cook/Chill

With time limits alarms, the Q-Pack guides the user through any cook/chill HACCP recording process, with corrective action triggered and sent to QA for oversight.

All information required at each CCP is streamed from your company ERP system.”

5 – Serve/Dispatch

No matter whether reheating for hot service or dispatching chilled items, QA Chef records the end of the catering process.

6 – Reporting

All CCP data is presented on the Quality Assurance dashboard for maximum control and response from the QA Department.

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The Q-Pack

The single handheld device for digitising every CCP

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Finally, accurate reporting within your HACCP plan

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