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If you are the QA Manager of a HACCP or SQF-certified caterer or food production facility:

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Customised, Powerful

Simplify your compliance - QA Chef removes all your paperwork and sifts through all digital records, presenting you with only the problems that need dealing with

Take control of your compliance - QA Chef enables you to dictate where, when and how compliance tasks are done in your operation, no matter how big and complex.

The power of a whole QA department - QA Chef is your eyes and ears on the ground, giving you extreme visibility across all compliance activities in your Food Safety Plan.

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How Q-Trace works

Q-Check - key features

Digitalise any compliance process for which you would normally use a checklist.

Push changes to your food safety plan through to your facilities instantly, without needing to update any forms or checklists.

See any threshold breaches, corrective actions or overdue tasks in realtime on the Q-Check dashboard.

Add follow-up tasks such as taking photos or escalating a problem to QA.

Q-Trace - Key Features

Automated labelling for every ingredient, work in progress batch or finished product.

Trace backwards through the compliance record of any product in your facility or even beyond, for the ultimate in food-safety assurance.

Trace forwards in order to do instantaneous product recalls.

Utilise our Q-Packs for ultra-effective on-the-ground ingredient shelf life validation and temperature-taking.


Let our experience
be your guide

With over 50 years’ experience in large-volume catering, our team’s mission is to develop user-friendly technology that liberates chefs from manual processes, enabling them to concentrate on creating world-class food.

Our CEO David Cox is an Executive Chef with over 20 years' experience in airline catering, convention centres, events and fine dining. Our CTO Andy Palmer has over two decades of experience in highly technical industries that handle millions of transactions per day.

We are for

FSP Compliance

Any caterer or food production kitchen or facility that has a Food Safety Plan and finds it hard to be compliant and/or needs to be able to easily prove traceability.

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Fernando Haro, QA Manager

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